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In addition to campaigns, the Executive members of the Union assist students who are experiencing financial, academic, and campus safety issues. Throughout the year, many students may encounter difficulties navigating the student loans system, dealing with their landlords or collection agencies, or managing conflicts with supervisors. In some cases, Union members need support in the face of allegations of academic dishonesty, grading or marking problems, academic freedom, or research problems–all issues that the Union can help with. Channels exist for students to address problems they encounter or decisions they feel are unjust and wish to appeal. The Union helps students understand their options and the complex web of University bureaucracy and avail of all opportunities to rectify problems. Union representatives will help students at every stage of these processes and will advocate on students’ behalf wherever possible.

The University operates through a complex system of committees, sub-committees, faculty councils, boards, and other decision-making structures. The Union has worked hard over the years to ensure that students are represented at every level of University decision-making, including departmental committees, hiring committees for administrators, and the Board of Regents. At all levels of the University bureaucracy students are represented by their Students’ Union to ensure accountability and continuity.

Contact Director of Academic at with any academic concerns.

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If you are interested in serving on a university committee to advocate for students, contact your Director of Academic at