Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying safe in this challenging time. 

When the pandemic started almost one year ago, I would never think it will last for long, but here we are, more than a year has been passed, and we all hope the vaccine can be a game-changer. We all had challenges with our plans, online teaching, and new laboratories regulation during this time. I have been in contact with many of you through different events and programs like mentoring new grad students organized by Internationalization Office, and I know this situation delayed your study and your travel to Canada. I mentioned all these to say; I have seen you, I am one of you, I understand you, and I am here to support you. I started my PhD two years ago, and from the beginning, I thought I should get involved in societies and help my peers. In the past two years, I have been volunteering with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and currently, I am vice president in this society. During this time, I have helped to organize many events, such as workshops, technical lectures, networking events, and many more. Now, I think it is a time to step up and work with a larger society, and I chose the GSU, and I chose the Executive Director of Academics where I believe I can serve our community the best. 

As a part of my task, I will be a GSU representative on the Academic Council of the School of Graduate Studies and the Academic Council Executive of SGS, in which I will be your voice and your support. During my term, I will actively communicate with the Academic Unit representative of all graduate departments. I will make sure that you have the same access in disputes and needs. During my master’s degree, I was involved in organizing local workshops and symposiums. I was a volunteer at the NOIA conference in Canada, and currently, I am volunteering with Aldrich Conference, which all helps me to plan, organize and coordinate Aldrich Interdisciplinary Conference for next year if I get elected. However, I am sure I cannot be successful in this path without your support and help. I believe it does not matter where we are in life; we all need to work together, think together, help each other and support each other to achieve the best outcomes. If I get elected, I would always be open to hearing about your academic and non-academic problems, and I will try to solve them with you. I will be your support in meetings that I attend and would always appreciate your suggestion, help and support. 

Use social distancing and stay safe; we will get through this together. 


Ali Ghamartale

PhD Candidate

Process Engineering Department