Recruitment for a Postdoctoral Fellow

We are looking to recruit a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Pharmacy for a Cannabis Policy Evaluation project. Is this something you are able to share through your communication channels? I have attached the PDF, but it is also linked on our website (

The Search for the Inaugural Vice-Provost

“The search for the inaugural Vice-Provost (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) is proceeding to the next phase, and the committee has invited one candidate to be interviewed.  The interview process involves a one-hour meeting with the GSU Executive along with the various graduate student groups within the university community”. 

If you are interested to join the interview, please send your name and email to Once the interview schedule is confirmed, a formal invitation will be sent to the interested students.  

Ask Your Mentor!

Are you a new graduate student? Are you looking for guidance to accomplish a successful academic journey? Please contact your respective department’s GSU representative for any kind of guidance you require –

Special Announcement on GDSF 2020/2021 for Clubs/Societies

Dear Graduate Students, Please be advised of the following announcement made by ED Campus Life: The board has decided that since all recognized clubs in GSU have been ratified for the 2020/2021 session and with reference to the provisions of article 13.2 of our by-laws, only clubs that followed due process of ratification and were approved, and enlisted by the Social events Committee will be allowed access to the GSDF for 2020/2021, the rest of our recognized clubs will be granted the second option available for ratified clubs, which is the SPG.

Additionally, clubs are responsible for updating their information on our recognized clubs database by filing a short form on as only recognized clubs will be attended to henceforth.
Thank you for your cooperation and best regards,

Student Representatives Required for the Health and Dental Committee

GSU is looking for student representatives to work in the GSU Health and Dental Committee. Those who are willing to voluntarily work for the respective committee are requested to send their names to