The Graduate Students’ Union of Memorial University works to  advocate on behalf of students to make positive changes for our students and for the memebers of the community.

Our campaigns take on a variety of different forms as we work through both our internal GSU committees and our support for various groups in our our local community that can benefit from the support of graduate students.

See below for for some of the ways that you can become involved.

  1)  Aboriginal Education

  2)  Canada Student Grants Program

  3)  Commercialization of Research

  4)  Equal Minds, Equal Educations

  5)  Fair Copyright

  6)  Income Contingent Student Loan Repayment Schemes

  7)  International Trade in Services

  8)  No Means No

  9)  Post-Residency Fees

  10)  Post-Secondary Tax Credits

  11)  Private Universities and Colleges

  12)  Registered Education Saving Plans

  13)  Research Funding

  14)  Scholarly Publishing

  15)  Student Loan Designation

  16)  Student Space on Campus

  17)  Tuition Fees for International Graduate Students

  18)  Whistleblowers

  19)  Foster Children Bursary Program