Canada Students Grant Program

The 2008 federal budget marked a critical victory for the Federation’s “Grants NOT Loans” campaign. In 2009, the Millennium Scholarship Foundation will wind down and be replaced with a national system of student grants.

Although occasionally portrayed as a national program, the Foundation could be better described as a third-party that transferred sums to provincial governments that, in some cases, were used on financial aid.

The distinction between that model and a government-run program that, (1) reports to Parliament, (2) is subject to federal transparency   standards, and (3) can be reviewed and improved with input from students and the public, can not be exaggerated.

Slated to begin at $350 million and increase to over $430 million by 2012, the Canada Student Grant Program will be means-tested and reach approximately 245,000 students. Grant disbursements will be $250 per month (or $2,000 for an eight-month academic year) for low-income students and $100 per month (or $800) for middle- income students.

As recommended by the federation, the Depatement of Advanced Education and Skills will administer the Canada Student Grants Program.