Campaign Messages of the Candidates for GSU Election 2023

Dhrubo Purkayastha (Candidate for Executive Director- External Affairs)

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi.

This quote speaks to the idea of taking action to create positive change, which is the key responsibility of the External Affairs position. Dear fellow students, I am Dhrubo Purkayastha, running for the Executive Director of External Affairs position in the 2023 GSU election. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Clinical Epidemiology. My goal is not only to identify problems but also to work toward solutions and improvement actively. I am here to bring positive change and ensure our voice is heard. Who is Dhrubo? In 2019, I left Bangladesh to settle in Canada after serving as the Chief Medical Officer for the federal government, where I managed the city corporation’s health and safety department. I interacted with various government, private, and NGO delegates locally and internationally during my tenure. After relocating to Canada, I actively engaged in community service through volunteering with different organizations. This allowed me to learn about the new culture and improve my communication skills. Presently, I serve as a GSU representative at MGSS, liaising between the two entities.

My vision for 2023-2024

In terms of my goals for 2023-2024, my vision is to build upon the excellent work of previous Executive Directors and continue to make positive strides. • My top priority will be launching Bitters Restaurant and Lounge and boosting student involvement. Alongside opening the pub, I aim to make it profitable, creating more student job prospects. To achieve this, my strategy involves expanding the pub’s reach by collaborating with additional vendors and attracting more business. • I will also focus on enhancing the organizational structure of Bitters Pub. I will ensure hospitality and sexual harassment training to create a long-term impact financially and culturally. • I will proactively strive to engage students with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), raising awareness of their vision and mission and promoting their campaigns, such as advocating for fairness for international students, mental health, educational rights, and tuition. • I am enthusiastic about collaborating with other MUN campuses, such as Marine Institute (MI), MUN Grenfell Campus, Signal Hill Campus, and Labrador Campus, about ensuring that progress is being made everywhere and that everyone’s voice is being heard. • My attention will also be directed toward the issue of parking at MUN. I intend to expand the parking area, guarantee designated parking spots for GSU, and reduce the parking fee by liaising with the City of St. John’s. • I will strive to augment on-campus employment opportunities by organizing additional job fairs and promoting more job openings. • Most importantly, one of my primary objectives will be to attract additional sponsors.

The role of Executive Director of External Affairs entails significant responsibilities, and I welcome input from all to guide me in addressing pertinent issues. It will take a collective effort to effect positive change, and as such, I will serve as an advocate and ally, working to improve the conditions and prospects for all.

Shyam Yadav (Candidate for Executive Director- External Affairs)

Hello everyone, it’s me, Shyam Yadav a MAsc Energy systems Engineering graduate student from MUN. It is one of my life’s greatest privileges and honor as I have been given this opportunity to stand in front of you all as a candidate for Executive director of external affairs in our upcoming election.

Responsibility and fulfillment of one’s responsibility for the purpose of giving back is the purpose of life my father quoted before I harked for my journey to MUN. This quote is the quote I and many middle-class countrymen of my peaceful country live by and follow and to know that there is a possibility in MUN for MUN students to give back to MUN and its students who elected me. Whenever life threw opportunities where I can stand for my fellow people I have taken with utmost grace and selflessness. I have worked as a General Secretary in The Student Council National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur during my Undergraduate years. I worked hard for Technical fest, cultural fest and foe the welfare of students. Skills that I learned there like empathy, giving back, corporation and mutual understanding have not only shaped my professional qualities but have also instilled a deep sense of comradely that one human being should have with another. I was also given this opportunity to lead my athletics team in my undergrad year as I believe that sound health is the only valuable entity that a man owns. These experiences later on helped me in my professional career as well where I worked for about 3 years leading a team of 30-50 people.

One of the main purpose of me standing in this position is to truly understand the need of my present MUN grad students and give my best to solve the present burning issues in MUN. Equality, dignity and equal opportunity is something that I have always vouched for and I believe should always be stable if we ought to move forward in the path of progress. So these three values and the strong sense of giving back is my so to speak purpose of standing in front of you all and requesting you to believe in me.

Challenges and problems will come but I will promise you that I will be giving my best to solve, resolve and mitigate whatever comes in our way of having a stable and profound teaching-learning atmosphere. Ongoing burning issues like On Campus job opportunities, making easy access platform like GSU website even more accessible, improving the policies and constitution for better inclusion and better understanding of problems, focus on overall development, physical and mental health of all students leading to a better teaching learning atmosphere, conducting survey once in a month to collect record of mental health problems and try to conduct more program to solve it, conduct awareness program for students to know more about GSU. I will conduct program like “Pads for periods” to distribute free sanitary pads and support women, will work to restart Bitters pub and Lounge for GSU students. I will start doing financial budgeting for all program of GSU properly and will also include certificate and special gift for those doing volunteering work to encourage and appreciate their hard work.

At the end I would like to once again promise you all that if you show and have your faith in me I will be working day in and day out for our collective betterment and will always work with the sense of inclusion, importance of diversity and mitigation of whatever problem we might face in our upcoming days.

Sanazgoli Javanbakht Ghahfarokhi (Candidate for Executive Director- Communications)

Sanazgoli Javanbakht Ghahfarokhi Have you ever waited long to hear a response from GSU regarding your inquiry? Have you ever been confused about to whom you can take your concerns as a graduate student? Have you ever let to be misunderstood? Well, good news; I’m here to:




I’m A PhD student, standing for the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATION in GSU 2023 election. I chose this position because, after a year of working with GSU in different positions, I found the missing ring in this chain an effective communication between GSU and students. I’m standing for this position because before being a Coordinator, before being an Executive Assistant, and before being an ED Candidate in GSU election, I am a student. I am a graduate student who knows your concerns, who feels your expectations, and who cares. I care about you, I care about me, I care about MUN… How about you? Do you care about yourself? Do you care about MUN, where you are spending more than 8 hours of every single day of your life in? Do you want to have an opportunity to take part in making your graduate student life? So, there you go.





Fatema Chowdhury (Candidate for Executive Director- Communications)

Hello Everyone!

I am thrilled to be running for the position of Executive Director of Communications at GSU MUN. As a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science, I am passionate about creating a highly engaged and informed student community that is connected to the broader GSU MUN community.

In my five years of professional work experience in marketing agencies and software firms and four more years of volunteer experience, I have gained valuable skills and experience in communication, marketing, and web development. I represented my undergraduate institution among 193 other institutions and have been awarded as the Best Ambassador of the Year among all at the BYLC. I have also worked as an operations coordinator at the BYLC Graduate Network and organized 11 events for 6,000 students across the country within one year. Moreover, I have worked with two Canadian social enterprises to enhance their communications, marketing, and branding.

As a BoD member and the webmaster and digital communications coordinator for GSU MUN, I have gained a deep understanding of the needs of our students and how to effectively communicate with them. I have closely worked with the Executive Director of Communications for one year and also worked with the Executive Director of Academics for the Aldrich Conference 2023. Hence, I have a sound understanding of what needs to be done for the greater good of students.

If elected, I will make sure all graduate students are fully informed about the existing services and opportunities available to them. I will use my skills to leverage social media channels, newsletters, email, website, and other communication channels to reach as many students as possible.

Furthermore, I believe that the GSU MUN website can be more user-friendly and informative for our students. I am committed to improving the website to make it easier for students to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

In addition to improving communication and the website, I plan to launch a student directory website for all graduate students. This website will provide updated information and a blog opportunity for students to share their thoughts and experiences with the rest of the community. I believe that this will help create a stronger sense of community and connection among graduate students.

One of my top priorities is to work effectively on Bitter Pub’s branding and marketing to reach the most audiences with targeted campaigns and necessary strategic planning and executions with the collaboration of the executive director of external affairs. I am committed to increasing opportunities for graduate students in job sectors, funding, and other possible sectors by lobbying with MUNL, SGS, and relevant companies. Finally, I am committed to updating GSU’s current constitution to make it more timely.

As executive director of communications, I’ll hear you, speak for you, and be your advocate, and I can work to fill the gaps I have seen while working at GSU.

Please vote for the right candidate who can serve the community the best.



Shaheen Shah (Candidate for Executive Director- Academic)

Hey Folks! I am MD SHAHEEN SHAH, running for the position of Executive Director of Academics (EDA) for the Graduate Student Union (GSU) Election-2023. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Oil and Gas Engineering, and I am currently in my seventh semester.

Since my school days, I have been active in volunteering. While studying at my undergraduate level I have actively participated in organizations like the Blood Donating Club, Disability Support Organization, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Science Society, etc. While pursuing my Master of Engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), I actively engaged in multiple committees at GSU and SPE. After starting the Ph.D., I have had the privilege of serving as the Secretary of the Teaching Assistants’ Union of MUN (TAUMUN) and the SPE MUN Chapter, where I successfully organized events, meetings, and career development opportunities for students.

As a graduate student, I am acutely aware of the significance of academic learning and the various challenges that students encounter during their university journey. With my Ph.D. journey commencing in the Winter of 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I have gained valuable experience in navigating the unique difficulties faced by graduate students. My role as a peer mentor for new students has provided me with a deeper understanding of the needs of the student community, and my involvement with the MUN has reinforced my belief in the importance of student support. I have availed myself of various opportunities to gain insight into the workings of the GSU committees, including the Academic, Aldrich, and Constitution Committees, and have honed my skills in supporting and advocating for my fellow students. I am now eager to take on a leadership role in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all graduate students at MUN in this post-pandemic era. With my passion for helping others and my experiences, I am well-positioned to contribute to the betterment of the graduate student community.

As a candidate for the GSU election, I am committed to providing exceptional service to our graduate students. My platform is built on three pillars: 1. Establishing a robust platform for the student academic unit 2. Ensuring precision and transparency in all operations and activities 3. Organizing tasks by setting a benchmark for the future

As a candidate for the GSU representative on the Academic Council and Academic Council Executive of the School of Graduate Studies, I am committed to advocating for the needs and interests of graduate students. I will represent my colleagues on the Senate and Senate Committee on Academic Appeals, and work to ensure that graduate students are adequately represented on the boards, committees, and faculties of the university. With my experience on the Aldrich Committee, I am confident in my ability to successfully organize the next Aldrich Conference and other various career/soft-skilled workshops that will benefit graduate students. I will act as a liaison between students and decision-makers, ensuring that graduate students’ perspectives are considered when decisions are made that impact their academic and non-academic experiences.

As a committed member of the graduate student community at GSU, I am eager to lend my support and expertise to further the interests of all those who are a part of this esteemed academic institution. I firmly believe that the academic section has a crucial role to play in enhancing the experience of graduate students and creating a more efficient and effective environment for learning and research. I am available to listen to your concerns, address any issues that may arise, and incorporate your valuable suggestions and feedback into my work. I aim to serve as your voice and advocate, working tirelessly to ensure that the needs of the graduate student community are met. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and invite you to reach out to me at with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have. Together, let us strive to make GSU a better place for all.

“Your Voice, Your Choice: Vote for Me as ED Academics in GSU Election 2023: Uniting for a Stronger Graduate Community

Fatema Mehdi (Candidate for Executive Director- Campus Life)

This is Fatima Mehdi, a graduate student studying Master of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I am running for the position of Executive Director of Campus Life for our Student Union this year. I believe my experience and passion for improving student life on campus will make me an excellent candidate for this role. Over the years, I have been actively involved in various campus organizations and clubs, gaining valuable experience in event planning, fundraising, and leadership. I have developed strong relationships with administrators, faculty, and local businesses that will help me navigate the responsibilities of this position effectively. My goal as Executive Director will be to make our campus more engaging, fun, and community-oriented. I plan to organize more social events, improve mental health resources, promote sustainability initiatives, and strengthen school spirit. I want to make every student’s experience at our university meaningful and memorable. I hope I can earn your vote and the opportunity to serve as your Executive Director of Campus Life. Together, we will make this school year the best yet! Thank you,

Masoud salmani Arani (Candidate for Executive Director- Campus Life)

It is with great honor to announce my nomination for the position of executive director of campus life for the upcoming election at Graduate Students’ Union (GSU). I have a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring students, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community at GSU.

Furthermore, being as a PhD student at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), I’m quite familiar with students’ claims and needless to say, I deeply want to create a positive environment for students to be able to establish a good connection with myself and feel free to convey any concerns with their campus life.

As someone with more than 3 years of experience as a teaching assistant, I understand the importance of making a safe and worthy relationships. I take pride in working with students’ unions as I have done earlier during my M.Sc. and B.Sc. periods, and I enjoy taking an active role in coordinating extracurricular activities. Eventually, I’m applying for this position and any other possible open positions and I hope I can be beneficial for the GSU community.

Eventually, I would be committed to the election’s rules and I consent my nomination for the election in advance.

Kind regards,

Masoud Salmani Arani


Deep Kumar Bhatt (Candidate for Executive Director- Finance)

Greetings my fellow graduate students,

My name is Deepkumar Bhatt and I am currently studying for master in applied science in Oil and Gas Engineering. It is with great pleasure that I stand before you today as a candidate for the position of Executive Director of Finance in this upcoming election of Graduate Student Union (GSU) election 2023.

As an experienced chemical engineer, I recognise the significance of this role in ensuring the success of our student union and student satisfaction. And, as we all know, the notable finance director should harmonise financial operations, develop effective financial strategies, guide efforts towards financial stability, monitor all economic activities, promote revenue growth, ensure accounting compliance, and maintain good relationships with students, school management, and staff, and I will ensure that you will appreciate my humble personality.

If I elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our university’s financial transparency on campus. This means providing students with clear and understandable financial information about tuition fees, student organization funding, other relevant expense. I will work to ensure that students have a say in how their tuition dollars are spent, and that we are getting the best possible value for our money. I have some point in my mind which will be useful and helpful for union which is 1) Coordinate and take help from former financial director. 2) To carry out unachieved important task. 3) Promote revenue and growth

I also believe that the university should prioritise student affordability. As an engineer with cost estimation experience, I am confident in my ability to effectively manage the union finance. I will collaborate closely with our union’s financial team to ensure that we make sound financial decisions that benefit all students. Furthermore, I believe it is essential for me to take a proactive approach to financial planning. This entails planning ahead of time for future expenses and identifying potential sources of funding so that we can make informed decisions and avoid financial surprises.

As Finance Director, I am committed to working closely with our executive team and other key member to achieve these objectives. I am also well-versed in the latest financial tools and technologies, and will work to ensure that we are leveraging these resources to their full potential.

Ultimately, my goal as Finance Director will be to ensure that our union is on solid financial footing, and that we are well-positioned to navigate any challenges that may arise. I am confident that, with your support, we can achieve these goals and continue to deliver value to our shareholders for years to come.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to serving as your Finance Director.

MD SAHIDUL ISLAM (Candidate for Executive Director- Finance)

My name is MD SAHIDUL ISLAM. I am running for the position of Executive Director of Finance for the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), Memorial University. I am thrilled to address that it has been an immense pleasure to work with some wonderful graduate students at the GSU for the past several months. I was working as a member of the Board of Directors (BOD) at GSU. As a BOD, I attended several meetings and occasions which discussed and decided on numerous issues related to the financial interests of graduate students of this University. From these discussions and active participation, I come to know that finance matters. I realize that Executive Director of Finance plays a significant role, deciding and organizing grant applications, managing fair deal and transparency for students on various financial issues. Therefore, I believe that Executive Director of Finance is an excellent as well as a challenging opportunity to deal financial matters and collaborate between students and university administration. Moreover, It is also very appreciating to work in such a prestigious position.

Before I come to MUN, I went for a Professional MBA Degree which facilitated a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with business students, business executives and professionals. After the successful completion of MBA degree, I had been possessing a faculty position at the Department of Business Administration. As a part of my academic responsibilities, I was happily working as a student advisor that increased my student involvement recording and organizing students’ file, dealing scholarship applications, verifying various grant applications for processing in the department. With these experiences, I strongly believe that I am quite capable of dealing and resolving any issues related to the financial matters of graduate students.

I am counting your votes and would appreciate your support to serve my fellow graduate students of this university. Don’t hesitate to reach me at


Safwan Abayaz (Candidate for Senate Representative)

It would be an honor to work as the Senate Representative for the GSU. This may not be an executive position, but I believe it’s a crucial one. The name of the union says it the most of it, ultimately it is the students’ union. Graduate courses are tough and project or research oriented, so the students passes the busiest of their time with the academics, but that should not be the reason to realize the rights that the graduate students are entitled to. And there is where the Senate Representative come into active play.

Hello, my name is Safawan Abyaz, I am from Bangladesh. I started my journey in Canada with Memorial University from September 2022. I am doing master’s in Safety & Risk Engineering. Back home I was a Fire Safety Engineer working for Accord Bangladesh and eventually RMG Sustainability Council (RSC) ensuring fire-safe working environment for millions of workers. I was playing a vital role safeguarding the worker who are the most ignored class in the supply chain of RMG production, the largest contributor to the economy of Bangladesh. Though I was not directly involved in worker rights but I certainly do understand protection of rights and welfare. I want to utilize this experience working as a messenger for the GSU senate.

I as graduate student felt the necessity of stronger and effective communication to protect the value of GSU’s existence. As the senate representative I have plans to propose more virtual/ in-person interacting sessions of the graduate students with GSU executives so they are well informed that GSU is there for them, for us. With that being said, I want to conclude my campaign message.

I am looking forward to working with the dedicated GSU executives going forward