Ballot Results of GSU GENERAL ELECTION 2022

ED-External Affairs- Total ballot- 273
MM Baset Oli Mishkat– 129 Ballots
Siddant Sunil Shetty- 144 Ballots–(Elected)

ED- Academic- Total 86 ballots
Md Mahe Alam Chowdhury- 86 Ballots– (Elected)

Executive Director- Finance- Total Ballot- 175 ballots
Adedotun O. Adesanya — 85 ballots
Sunzida Ali — 90 ballot —(Elected)

ED- Communication – Total 88 ballots
S M Zia Hasan– 88 ballots–(Elected)
ED- Campus Life – Total 104 ballots

ED- Campus Life – Total 104 ballots
Susmita Dev Burman– 104–(Elected)

The Board of Regents — Total 88 ballots
Arshad Ali Shaikh — 88 ballots– (Elected)

The ballot counting was done by CRO, Electoral Chair, Electoral Committee Members, and the scrutineers on the behalf of the candidates.

Prasenjit Debnath
Chief Returning Officer
Graduate Students’ Union
Memorial University of Newfoundland