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Nomination Period 11-19 March 2020 for General Elections!

For more information about the elections procedure and the positions offered (and their respective duties), kindly review the GSU Constitution.

Following Positions are open for the GSU membership to

contest in 2020 general elections:

1. Executive Director of External Affairs (EDEA)

2. Executive Director of Academics (EDA)

3. Executive Director of Finance (EDF)

4. Executive Director of Communications (EDC)

5. Executive Director of Campus Life (EDCL)

6. Senate Representative

7. Board of Regents**

8. Two Facility Management Members at Large ***

** Candidates applying for Board of Regents will start their term from April 2021 to March 2023. Interested candidates must make sure that they will still be a student and a general member of GSU during that time period (April 2021 to March 2023).

***Members-at-Large: who are General Members and are neither residents of Field Hall Employee of GSU Facility Division or Academic Division, nor Directors of the GSU, whose term shall not exceed one (1) year from his or her date of initiation and who are selected through a majority of vote by General Membership of the GSU.

For further information on the elections process, contact the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) at

or Chair of Electoral Committee (CEC) at

The 2020 GSU General Election Will Take Place From March 25-27th. Download the Nomination form Below