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The GSU can be found on the second floor of Feild Hall (GH 2007)- right above Bitters Pub!
There are many ways to contact the GSU. By phone: 709-864-4395; by email:, or in person.
If you need help with your medical coverage you can contact our Health and Dental Coordinatior ( or Green Sheild (our coverage provider).
Aside from our regular office closing time (3 pm and on weekends), we follow the same closure schedule as regular MUN staff (holidays designated by MUN).
If you wish to advertise with us, please contact our Executive Director Communications (
Setting up appointments for legal matters can take a while. You should expect to wait at least one (1) to two (2) weeks to hear from our lawyers regarding your request.
Request forms can take upwards to a week to be signed and returned to the student. Make sure to submit your form well in advance of your departure date. Forms submitted less than a week from the departure date are not guaranteed to be returned in time.
You can check out our Clubs and Societies tab to see the full list of what is ratified under the GSU. Contact information for each club and society is listed under this tab as well.
Information on how to get your club or society ratified under the GSU can be found in our Constitution or under the Clubs and Societies tab of this website.
There are several different ways you can work with the GSU: i) Running for one of our Executive Director positions in March of each year ii) Applying for one of our Graduate Student Work Experience Program positions at the start of each semester iii) Applying at Bitters Pub iv) Keeping an eye out for when our Executive Assistant positions become available!
The GSU uses the funds it receives from student membership to enhance the experience of all of our students. In addition to fun events and workshops, we also offer funding for travel, professional memberships, professional development, and societies!
We have plenty of volunteer opportunities. Not only do we need volunteers to help our events run smoothly, but we also have committees in need of members in order to make the GSU run smoothly!
For help with anything academic related, you can contact our Executive Director Academic (
Through our lawyers, Rogers, Rogers, Moyse, we offer a free 30 minute consultation session!
You will need to have your form signed by our Executive Director Finance ( Request forms can be brought into our office to be signed or can be left at the School of Graduate Studies to be signed. As of September 2019, all Claim forms will be signed at the School of Graduate Studies Office so make sure to drop them off there instead of at our office.
Sure, you can contact the main office or the Executive Director of Finance for an update.
As with the travel forms, the grant applications can take up to a week to sign. After that, they are sent to Financial Services to be processed. Financial Services can take anywhere from a week to a month to process these forms and send our a cheque. We are not responsible for the wait time after it has been sent to Financial Services.

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