Feild Hall Residence Safety

Safety and security is a shared responsibility. You can help to create a safe environment by;

  •          Reporting all suspicious individuals, activities, or incidents to CEP immediately. Call 864-8561 or 864 4100 (in           an emergency)

  •          Not letting unknown individuals into your residence, including into the stairwells.

  •          Not propping open any doors or tampering with the locks.

  •          Making sure that your own doors and windows can all be properly locked.

  •          Closing and locking your windows and doors when you are gone, even for a minute.

  •          Keeping your bedroom window closed and locked, unless you are in your room.

  •          Reporting all malfunctioning locks to the Work Control Office or the Residence staff.

Safety is a Shared Responsibility

Feild Hall Residence is a great opportunity to live with many other people. With this opportunity you will make and share a home with people you will become friends with forever. Our Housing Regulations are in place to ensure that your time spent on this campus will be one that is safe and enjoyable. It is important to remember that even though you are living among friends, you have to keep your personal safety forefront at all times.

The Residence Staff

The Resident Assistant and Residence Coordinator are all trained to keep students in their residences safe and secure. There are specific protocols that the staff follow when presented with any particular issue. The Residence Staff are a great resource for you while you stay on campus and it’s their mandate that you get the most out of your residence experience. Some of the training our staff receives include first-aid, CPR and suicide intervention.

Residence Safety Basics

Your new home can be an exciting place to live! Try not to get so wrapped up in decorating it and getting your internet working that you forget about your personal safety.

Make sure you DO:

  • Lock your doors AND windows when you go to bed, leave the room or even go to a different room. Unlocked windows are the easiest way for thieves to gain access to your room . If your window has an alarm, make sure it is always turned on.

  • Check your smoke detector and know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher.

  • Always travel in pairs! Even when just going to check the mail or do laundry

  • Only have 4 people in a residence room at one time and 10 people in a Common Room. Any more than those numbers is a violation of the fire code.

Make sure you DON’T:

  • Leave valuables in the windows of your room within arm’s reach.

  • Leave valuables in your car.

  • Leave your clothing unattended in the laundry room.

  • Prop any building doors open or allow others to do so.

  • Tamper with any fire safety equipment.

  • Give your keys/access card to anyone!

  • Let people that are not your guest follow you into the building.

Safety Tips for Everyone

Are you going out? Here are a few things to remember:

  • Go with friends! Look out for each other

  • Make sure you know the people whose party you are attending.

  • If you chose to drink, do it responsibly. Don’t over do it

  • Know where your drink comes from.

  • NEVER leave your drink unattended.

  • Plan ahead – have a safe way to get home

  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable…leave!

  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to Residence Life staff & CEP

  • Carry ONLY the ID and money you will need for the night

  • Be a witness, don’t be a hero!

Be In Control

You cannot control someone else’s behavior. However, you can control your own behavior and environment. Take responsibility into your own hands.
Be assertive and confident. When you say “NO” say it firmly and confidently. Don’t worry about being rude. Be honest when someone does something you don’t want them to do.
Do what you can to protect yourself from a scary situation.

Use Common Sense

You should always trust your instincts and follow that gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right… it probably isn’t!

Use Well Lit and Well Traveled Areas

Avoid dark and deserted areas. Resist the temptation to take dangerous shortcuts. If you must walk home alone, never announce that you are doing so. Stay alert and have your keys in a defensive position.

Report ALL Crimes

When reporting a crime or suspicious activity to CEP, give the dispatcher all the information you have. If it is happening at the time of your call, stay on the line until the officer arrives.

Did You Know…

• Crime can occur in any city, at any time, to anyone? Don’t live in fear – live smart!
• Theft is the most common crime reported on college and university campuses?
• Most of these thefts take place without the thief even stepping foot in the apartment?

Do what you can to prevent these things from happening to you.

Need to Report a Safety Issue?

If you are around any area of campus and you notice that there are maintenance, security or safety issues you should immediately report them to Campus Enforcement and Patrol. If you have any of these issues in Paton College or Burton’s Pond Apartments you should contact your Resident Assistant and/or Residence Coordinator. Maintenance issues within Housing may also be reported to the Housing Work Control Office located in Hatcher 312.

Important Contacts

The Residence Office
If you have any concerns about any aspect of living in residence do not hesitate to contact our office. Visit us at GH-2009 Tel (709) 864-3027 or email: residence@gsumun.ca

Campus Enforcement and Patrol
FM 1018, Facilities Management Building; Emergency: (709) 864-4100, Tel (709) 864-8561
Emergency calls to Campus Enforcement 4100 can be made from any pay phone on campus, free of charge. Dialing instructions are also on each phone. Emergency phones are located in strategic places around campus, including the tunnels and also outside of Burke House, Barnes House and the MUN/C.S.U. Childcare Center.

WalkSafe/SafeDrive Program
This service is provided by MUNSU. Tel: (709) 864-7633, call toll free from campus payphones: 1-866-857-3737 or check out www.munsu.ca/section/13

Student Health Services
This is health service provided on campus in the University Center. This clinic provides a walk-in clinic as well for students. Tel: (709) 864-7597 or check out www.mun.ca/health/

Sexual Harassment Office
Memorial University Sexual Harassment Office is located in the Earth Sciences Building. You may drop by ER-6039, call (709) 864-2015/8199 or check out www.mun.ca/sexualharassment

Department of Health and Safety
Memorial University Department of Health and Safety is located at 208 Elizabeth Ave. You can call the office at (709) 864-3786 or check out www.mun.ca/health_safety

Office of Emergency Managment