The Graduate Student Development Fund (GSDF) was established in 1995 to enhance graduate student’s life through social and academic programming and activities at Memorial University.  A portion of the tuition paid by graduate students at Memorial each year is used to provide funds for the GSDF.  A committee is established to oversee the allocation and distribution of these funds.  The committee consists of representatives from the GSU, School of Graduate Studies and the AVPA (Students).  Ratified societies, associations, clubs and groups can apply for GSDF grants up to $2000 each year. 

GSDF Grants up to $2000 CAD

Please do not miss the chance to provide funds to enhance the quality of graduate student’s life academically and socially in your society at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Check out the GSU’s Financial Info Booklet (Updated June 2020)

For GSDF applications and any information contact:

Executive Director of Finance,
GSU, Email:

GSDF Criteria

GSDF Criteria

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Application Form

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