My name is Kazeem Adefemi, and I am asking for your vote to serve as your next Executive Director of External Affairs (ED-EA) in the GSU Elections scheduled for March 24-26, 2021. I know the past year has been difficult for graduates and I believe the GSU can become more active in making sure students fees go directly towards improving students’ experiences.
My primary aim in running for this position is to better represent my fellow graduate student and to bring the voice of the GSU to bear within and outside MUN by representing graduate students in an active, dignified, and organised manner.
I have spent most of the last 15 years managing Community Health and Social Welfare organisations and services; so, I have significant expertise in stakeholder management, negotiating with diverse groups and managing multitude of programs and services across different countries.
Moreover, I coordinated a program evaluation project for the Internationalization Office last year, where I ran several focus group discussion sessions with international students. I also worked as Executive Assistant for the GSU over the past year. These combination of roles and responsibilities have provided me with better understanding of the GSU and the needs of graduate students at MUN.
I intend to bring these experiences and understanding into becoming the best ED-EA possible!
As your ED External Affairs:

  • I will strive to ensure the GSU’s voice actively influence decisions and programs within MUN and the wider community. As your ED-EA, I shall engage with relevant stakeholders in the MUN community as well as social, religious, and political leaders across the community to ensure that the GSU participate actively in campaigns and programs that benefits graduate students’ interests.
  • The Campus Food Bank was a great source of support for students on low income. As your ED-EA, I will engage with the relevant authorities and interested business/social organisations to ensure that the Campus Food Bank is empowered to provide the much-needed support to students.
  • As the voice of graduate students, the GSU wields considerable bargaining power and influence. As your ED-EA, I intend to put this influence to good use by engaging with business and social organisations in the Province to secure useful discounts, concessions, and relevant services for all graduate students.
  • As your ED-EA and chair of the Executive Council, I will work with the ED Communications and the Constitutional Committee to update the GSU constitution to reflect current realities and challenges faced by graduate students and to ensure that students’ clubs and societies are best empowered to provide welfare and social services for their members.

I am counting on your support and vote to make this mission possible. I believe we all want the GSU to better serve the interests of graduate students. I will always listen to concerns and suggestions of all graduate students and continue to advocate for our common interests. I encourage you to get in touch with me with suggestions and questions.

Thank you!
Kazeem Adefemi