My name is Lynda (Suzi) Blosser. I am running for the position of Executive Director of Finance for the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU). It has been my pleasure to work with some wonderful people at the GSU for the past several months, recording and organizing grant applications, processing honorariums, and researching and verifying various invoices for processing. Before I came to MUN, I worked for years with a major accounting firm as an internal auditor which required investigation and resolution of any outstanding items on the monthly trial balance via general ledger entries.
I worked with an interim ED Finance to help continue the financial responsibilities of the GSU during the pandemic, which required moving processes to a virtual environment. I have worked with the current ED Finance to continue to refine the processes put in place to help make the methods more streamlined. With this experience, I would be able to effectively research and resolve any issues that may arise in a timely manner. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve my fellow graduate students in this manner.