Insurance Opt-in

For the student:
  • Full-time students need to fill the online and PDF OPT-IN form available on GSU website during the applicable opt-in period, to be added to the plan beyond their first semester of enrolment (e.g. if you previously opted out of the plan).

  • Students will need to provide proof of termination of any previous insurance plans (if the opt-in period is after their first semester of enrollment).

For family members:
  • Family members can be added to the coverage annually in the Fall semester using the same OPT-IN form. If not added in the Fall, new dependents can be added in the following semester(s).

  • Payment of insurance fees for any dependents shall be to made the Graduate’s Student Union.

  •  Please see the opt-in form for additional charge(s) which will be due.


  • Remember to check your preferred package while filling in the opt-in form: Health only, Dental only or Both
  • Please keep a copy of your payment receipt in the form of a screenshot or a transaction statement.
  • All graduate students are required to keep track of their MUN student financial accounts. You can access your MUN financial account by logging in to the MUN self-service page. We strongly advise students to check their accounts at least twice a semester, once before the deadline for fee payments and again about 6-7 weeks into a semester, and to report any unexpected charges.

Contact us at:

September 9th - October 1st