Spring 2023: 10th May to 1st June, 2023


  • Click on the OPT-IN form before the opt-in deadline for the semester.
  • Fill-in all the details carefully as the student will be solely responsible for any mistakes on the form. Please contact our office if you made any mistake while filling the form.
  • Rate card for all plans is attached in the form for the convenience of the student.
  • Once the form is complete, you will have to make payment to GSU according to your preferred plan via PayPal link: Pay Here and send evidence of the payment to health@gsumun.ca.
For the student’s single plan:
  • Full-time students need to fill the online OPT-IN form available on GSU website during the applicable opt-in period, in order to be added to the plan beyond their first semester of enrolment (e.g. if you previously opted out of the plan).

  • Students will need to provide proof of termination of any previous insurance plans (if the opt-in period is after their first semester of enrollment).

  • If the opt-in is done during winter or spring semester, it is the student’s responsibility to process an opt-in again during the next fall semester.

For Dependents:
  • Family members (dependents) can be added to the coverage annually in the Fall semester using the same OPT-IN form. If not added in the Fall, new dependents can be added in the following semester(s).

  • Payment of insurance fees for any dependents shall be made to the Graduate’s Student Union.

  • Please see the opt-in form for additional charge(s) which will be due.

  • The dependents’ insurance coverage needs to be renewed every academic year during the fall semester and it is the responsibility of the student to contact GSU for the renewal.


  • Remember to check your preferred package while filling in the opt-in form: Health only, Dental only or Both.
  • Please keep a copy of your payment receipt in the form of a screenshot or a transaction statement.
  • All graduate students are required to keep track of their MUN student financial accounts. You can access your MUN financial account by logging in to the MUN self-service page. We strongly advise students to check their accounts at least twice a semester, once before the deadline for fee payments and again about 6-7 weeks into a semester, and to report any unexpected charges.  The student is responsible for ensuring all charges are correct and that all procedures are followed appropriately before the deadline.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

Contact us at: health@gsumun.ca