Insurance Opt-out

  • A student must provide proof of existing alternative insurance coverage. Please note that MCP is not an acceptable form of alternative coverage.

  • Students are required to opt-out from the GSU plan once at the beginning of every academic year following their enrollment semester. For example, if the first semester for a graduate student in Fall, then the student needs to process an opt-out every fall semester. The same is the case with winter and spring semester students.

  • Circumstances under which opt-out can be processed irrespective of the enrollment semester:

    • The student has moved back to the home country due to the current pandemic situation, and the GSU insurance is no longer valid for the student.

    • The student has started working with an employer and getting alternative insurance coverage from the employer within the academic year.

    • The student status has changed from full-time to part-time, and the student has alternative insurance coverage.

  • Once a student has opted out, they cannot opt back in during that same year unless their alternate insurance has been terminated.

  • In order to opt-out, click here.

  • PLEASE SELECT GRADUATE STUDENT UNION.  Incorrectly selecting the MUNSU Health and Dental Plan will not opt you out of the GSU Health and Dental plan, and your charges will remain on your account.

  • You will receive a confirmation code on the screen after opting-out. This confirmation is NOT an approval of the opt-out but only an acknowledgement that the opt-out request has been received.

  • You will also receive a confirmation code to the email you provided. If you do not receive an opt-out confirmation email, then contact us immediately to prevent the deduction of the health and dental charges from your student account.

Contact us at:

September 9th - October 1st