Other Services

Campus Food Bank

The Campus Food Bank was established in 1996 and is registered with the Community Food Sharing Association. Memorial students’ unions provide financial assistance, hold food drives, and donate proceeds of fundraising activities to the food bank. Many departments, clubs, societies and other groups hold food drives and fundraisers throughout the year – it’s a great way to help out! Donations of food may be dropped off at the Food Bank, which is located in the basement of Corte Real, or alternatively at the Graduate Students’ Union office.

To utilize the Food Bank, students must provide their MCP number or, in the case of out-of-province students, a student number will suffice. The Food Bank can be reached by emailing at foodbank@mun.ca.


International Student Identity Card

International Student Identity Cards provide great travel discounts on airfare, hotels, trains and hostels. As members of the Canadian Federation of Students, full-time Memorial graduate students are eligible to receive an International Student Identity Card at no charge (non-members must pay $16). To obtain a card, students must bring proof of full-time enrolment, which is available at the Registrar’s Office, to the MUN Students’ Union office. If you are not able to provide a full-color photo for your ID, Polaroid photos for the card can be taken for $2.

Emergency Student Loans

Student Affairs and Services provides emergency student loans to all graduate students who are experiencing financial difficulty. For more information, please contact Wayne Clarke in UC-4017 or by phoning 737-7461.

Legal Services

As part of an agreement with a local law firm, the Graduate Students’ Union has arranged to provide one free consultation with a lawyer for all graduate students in need. If you are in need of legal advice, contact Director of Academic. No personal information will be required for referral.

Student Handbook

Every student needs something to record their busy schedules in – from thesis support groups to meetings with supervisors to a night out at Bitters!

That’s why the Graduate Students’ Union provides a free student handbook to students every September! The Student Handbook has great information about on-campus resources, handy dates and information for throughout the year, and everything you need to know about the GSU at your fingertips.

Student handbooks also have the great StudentSaver discount card inside that provides discounts to businesses all over St. John’s!

For your free Student Handbook, visit the GSU office in Feild Hall. Availability is limited.

Studentsaver Discount Cards

One of Canada’s most popular and best known discount programs, Studentsaver is designed to provide students with savings on everyday purchases. Thousands of businesses across Canada offer discounts on products ranging from books to clothing, haircuts to gift items.

Studentsaver discount cards are provided free to all members of the Canadian Federation of Students, including graduate students at Memorial. The cards are distributed at the beginning of the fall semester in the Graduate Students’ Union handbook.