Your Voice and Vote Matters
My name is Zia Hasan, competing for the Executive Director of Communications position in the GSU election 2021. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Neurosciences, Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine. Since my study at MUN, I have involved myself in different volunteer organizations. I am also volunteering at Constitutional, Graduate Student Awards, Social Events, and the 22nd Annual Aldrich Interdisciplinary committees at the GSU. Through these volunteer activities, I have gained lots of experiences and pointed out the students’ current concerns. During this pandemic, students are sufferings and struggling with mental health challenges. As a student of Neurosciences, I know how these sufferings can lead to anxieties and depressions. I want to get involved more with the students to know their stories and ensure their educational demands during this challenging time. Therefore, I believe that this Executive Director of Communications in GSU will allow me to get involved with the students to know their concerns more closely.
What is my plan for you!
To build effective communication between students and GSU:
I have realized that there might be some gap remained between students and GSU. It is the reason why student’s voice is not fully be heard. I want to reduce the communication gap between students and GSU. Therefore, students can bring their concerns, opinions, feedbacks, and valid demands more spontaneously.
To facilitate student benefits
I will work closely with the other executives to improve the on-campus transportation, job opportunities, housing, and food facilities, academic services, funding opportunities, and parking facilities based on the students’ needs.
To improve the mental health during the pandemic:
During the pandemic, students are entirely disconnected from different on-campus social activities. Many students lost their jobs or reduced work hours cannot afford their necessities. Therefore, many students are suffering from various mental health-related issues. Counseling sessions are now a crucial need for the students during this pandemic time. To improve the students’ mental health, I will try to increase the facilities of mental counseling. I will negotiate better health and dental coverage with the green shield for the student’s health benefits.

To improve the constitutions of GSU:
I will improve the existing constitution of the GSU to make it timelier. My goal is to strengthen the GSU constitution so that students can be more benefited for academic improvement.

To archive the GSU documents and update GSU communication channels:
I will archive all the documents and reports and update the GSU social media and Listserv so that students can get the updated information easily. In particular, I will launch a LinkedIn account for the GSU to connect the students with the world’s professionals.
What is your responsibility!
In this GSU election, you have the power of supremacy. You can choose someone who can work for you, stand for you, hear your voice. Choose someone who truly deserves this position.
If you have any queries/concerns, feel free to contact me at I am always happy to help you.