Congratulations Shailen for being the ‘GSU Graduate Student of the Week’

Shailen Saha is from Bangladesh and pursuing an M.Eng. in the Department of Process Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering and Applied science at MUN. His research is related to mineral processing with metals’ recovery using environmentally friendly techniques like the Ion Exchange resin process. He is currently involved with the Teaching Assistant Union of Memorial University as a Secretary and an active member of the Bangladesh Graduate Students’ Association. Prior to this, he served as a member of the Social Events Committee of the Graduate Students’ Union and as the Event Coordinator of the Engineering Graduate Student Society.

Throughout the volunteering activities, Shailen learned how to organize workshops for academic and professional development. For his volunteering efforts towards the MUN community, he was awarded with the Bronze and Silver awards by the Student Volunteer Bureau in 2020. He believes volunteering boosts one’s self-confidence through serving the community and providing a natural sense of accomplishment. Shailen likes playing indoor and outdoor sports, hanging out with friends, and reading in his spare time.

Thank you Shailen for all your great contributions! You are a star