Hello my fellow graduate students,
I, Sudipta Bhowmick, a Master’s student in Civil Engineering, am running for the position of the Senate Representative in the upcoming GSU Election 2021. I always try my best to contribute to the volunteering and social activities in the Memorial University campus with a view to engaging myself in the welfare of my fellow students. Currently, I have been working as an Event Coordinator in the Engineering Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) since October 2020. These positions have brought me closer to the current and former graduate students. Now from the desire to speak in favor of my fellow graduate students, I am running for the Senate Representative in the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU). I will try to the best of my effort in the following aspects:

  • Represent the voice of the graduate students in the corresponding meetings of GSU and the
  • Inform the university authority about the best interest of the students.
  • Take the required action for the benefit of graduate students.

I believe that with all of your help, we together can create a convenient environment in the university for the academic and research activities of the graduate students. Therefore, I earnestly request for your support in this endeavor.