As research institutions have become more reliant on private sector funding, private corporations have come to influence both the direction and the reported results of research. Researchers who have been unwilling to tailor their work to the needs of private sponsors have become the targets of academic censorship and, in some cases, reprisals and public smear campaigns. Students are particularly vulnerable when trying to uphold research integrity because they lack the protection of mechanisms like collective agreements. The Caucus’ Whistleblowers Campaign supports the work of those who stand up for public research by speaking out against corporate interference in research. The Caucus is also lobbying for federal whistleblower legislation to protect university researchers from reprisals when they attempt to expose research misconduct. The Caucus maintains a website (Whistleblowers) that includes background information on the issues of public/private partnerships in university research and academic freedom. The Caucus has also developed and distributed a poster encouraging graduate students to contact the Caucus if their industry sponsor has overstepped appropriate involvement in their research.

If you would like to be involved in this or any other campaign, please join the GSU External Relations Committee by contacting your Director of Communications.